NPIC goes to "Bark-n-Bling"

NPIC goes to "Bark-n-Bling"


On 9/29/18, Cody's Friends Rescue (find more about them here), a non-profit organization that helps dogs find their forever homes, hosted a fundraising event in Addison, TX. The fundraising event was called Bark-n-Bling and we couldn't miss the chance to contribute to the cause. Thanks to our representative Shannan Rasins, NPIC donated a tin of treats which, along with other donations, was able to contribute in the raising of $6,000 for the organization through a silent and live auction. The amount will be used for veterinarian costs and monthly heartworm medications for all the fosters. 

Shannan is part of our HR team, and she has been fostering dogs since September 2017 through the Cody’s Friends Rescue program in Addison, TX. Her hobby these days has been working with her foster dogs to try to get them adopted, which includes getting them socialized to trust people, leash training, play with toys, etc.

She has 2 dogs, Tony and Dexter, and 3 grand-puppies, 2 of which live in Fort Bragg, NC, with her son. She is also currently fostering 2 dogs, Mimi and Maggie, and already helped another foster, Loki, find his forever home!

Shannan is also super creative. She likes to spend time learning Photoshop and experimenting with designs and posters.

Way to go Shannan, you definitely embody the spirit of NPIC!