We are always looking for the highest quality ingredients. We source our ingredients from North America when they are available, but there are some products that cannot be sourced from the United States in the level of quality our customers expect.

We use rosemary extract and a natural form of vitamin E called mixed tocopherols to keep the lipids (or fats) in our product from going bad. We also prevent microbial growth by carefully monitoring the moisture content in our treats. The combination of these two techniques leads to a 12-15 month shelf-life for most of our products.

If your pet eats more than the recommended amount of treats, it is possible that they could vomit, have diarrhea or have a distended belly depending on how many treats they ate. Keep a close eye on your pet and if they do not recover within 24 hours, call your veterinarian.

Treats should account for only 10% of your pet’s daily diet. If your pet exceeds the recommended amount of treats just adjust your pet’s daily food intake to stay within your vet’s recommended daily kcals.

Occasionally we will have consumer coupons available through PetzMobile and Amazon.com. We will be announcing these coupons primarily through our social media pages. Please like or follow us on these pages to be kept up to date on our coupons.

Most of our treats are considered to be low in calories, but the number of calories varies from treat to treat. Please consult the individual product pages for an accurate calorie count.

Our facility is located in Plano, TX.

We are proud to say that we have never had a product recall.

We think pets are sweet enough already! None of our products contain sugar, corn syrup or any other artificial sweeteners.

We have treats specially designed for puppies that are softer, but supervision is still necessary.

Most treats designed for adult dogs are safe for puppies, but there are several key things to look for in a treat before you give it to your puppy. Puppy owners should consider how hard the treat is, as new puppy teeth may be sharp but they tend to break easily, the ingredients, as puppies have pretty delicate stomachs and some ingredients are bad for young dogs, and how quickly they can eat it. Puppies aren’t well practiced in chewing off chunks they can handle, so owners need to monitor them and prevent them from swallowing large chunks, which could be a choking hazard or cause intestinal issues.

Puppies have very sensitive stomachs, especially if they are younger than 3 months. Any new food or treats should be introduced very slowly. Throwing up or having a short bout with diarrhea is usually indicative of an upset stomach, but if they are still sick 24 hours later or if you notice blood in the vomit or stool, you should seek emergency medical attention for your pup.

If you think he may have swallowed a large chunk of the treat whole, call your vet as he may have an intestinal obstruction.

All pets are different and have different tastes. Some just like certain treats more than others. Please give another flavor of our treats a try!

We do not recommend changing the size or shape of any of our dental chew treats before giving them to your pets. We did extensive research on our dental treats in order to reduce the chances of pets choking on them, and if the length or size is changed the chances of pets choking could increase.

Always monitor your pets when they are consuming a chew treat to ensure that they do not try to eat pieces that are too large for them.

We do not sell direct but there is a store locator that lists authorized retailers of our products as well as a list of online retailers that sell our products online. If you have any problems locating the product via our store locator, feel free to contact us directly and we will assist you in finding a place to purchase it from.

Please keep all receipts and return to the authorized retail store where you purchased our product. If there are any issues with the return please feel free to use our Contact Us page to reach us.

We are always creating new flavors and new kinds of treats, and welcome all new ideas and suggestions! Feel free to send your ideas to us directly, or via our social media pages.

SQF stands for Safe Quality Food.

SQF is a program designed by the SQF Institute to provide safe, high quality food to consumers around the world. It is recognized by retailers and food service providers as the more rigorous and credible food safety management system available.

SQF regulates everything from cleaning procedures to the quality of the food produced. Every tiny detail, including paperwork, is rigorously scrutinized before a company receives an SQF rating.

The SQF program ensures that every step in the process of creating our pet treats is rigorously controlled and monitored. Every detail is considered and taken care of, from the cleanliness of the machinery to the quality of the packaging. It ensures that food-borne illnesses are kept at bay through detailed processes and cleanliness.